The client needed an upgrade of the pressing machine to ensure optimal performance and compliance with all the latest safety regulations.

Together with the client, we agreed to completely rewire the machine, replace the entire electrical cabinet, add safety features throughout the machine, and reprogram the PLC for optimal operation. When developing the PLC program, our focus was to provide the user with as straightforward control as possible, so we tailored the HMI interface to display only essential information for the operator. We established multiple user levels in the system with different privileges for operating the machine, from basic machine operation to mixing various recipes for more advanced users.

We installed remote access equipment for faster upgrades and fault diagnosis. Additionally, we established OPC UA communication, enabling secure and reliable data exchange among various devices and platforms, regardless of the type or manufacturer of the equipment.

Through OPC UA communication, we provided maintenance personnel with remote access to:

  • Alarm status
  • Operation status
  • Machine statistics
  • Current machine settings and recipes

This allowed for remote troubleshooting and saved time.

In addition to all these improvements, we also ensured cyber security of the machine and utilized artificial intelligence (AI) in machine operation.

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