Complete solutions in the field of industrial automation

We are engaged in electrical design, manufacturing control cabinets, programming controllers and robots, industrial process automation, machine construction, and maintenance of industrial equipment.

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Our services

Electrical services

Our long-standing experience and involvement in the field of industrial automation have led to a broad spectrum of knowledge and services that we provide. We tailor each service to meet customer requirements and perform them with high quality and reliability. The resources we use in our work allow us a great deal of flexibility in service delivery.
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Mechanical services

We specialize in custom product manufacturing, machine building and serial CNC machining. The use of high-quality milling machines and advanced CAM programming enables us to produce both, simple and complex shapes.
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Safety lighting solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of safety labeling with projectors and labeling for marketing purposes. High-performance LED projectors, combined with PLC controllers, enable a fully automated labeling system.
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Ensuring the long lifespan of machines and electrical panels is crucially dependent on regular maintenance and servicing. For this reason, we also conduct preventive maintenance work ourselves, ensuring the smooth operation of processes.
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Solutions for all kind of industries

Result of our rich experience and innovative technical solutions are top-quality products and sophisticated systems.

We automated the sandblasting process for the shafts of electric motors, which was previously done manually. We installed a robot to replace manual labor and arranged the entire handling process. This provided our client with a higher number of sandblasted items per day, resulting in improved productivity.

We provided to our client complete electrical documentation for a machine used in wrapping thermal insulation bales. Additionally, we wired and completed the installations throughout the machine and performed the line commissioning.

We modified the engine block grinding machine by integrating servo drives onto the axes and adding a camera for detecting surface flaws on the engine block. Prior to our intervention, the machine had manual adjustments and manual measurements were performed.

We carried out the installation of conveyor, packaging, and pallet systems for a well-known client. We also participated in commissioning the entire system.

We have created complete project documentation for a foreign client. Together with the client, we designed electrical cabinets according to their requirements.

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