Safety lighting solutions

Innovative path to improving workplace safety.

Nowadays, reducing or ideally eliminating the number of workplace accidents is a priority. Workplace accidents have both human and economic consequences. The consequences of an accident strongly impact the individual who suffered it, the responsible party, and the company where the accident occurred

The industrial sector remains the sector where the most workplace accidents or even fatalities occur. Very often, these incidents happen due to poor traffic management in production or warehouses, where safety signs are typically composed of floor marking tape or paint and adhesive safety labels that wear out and become less visible, hence less effective.


Projection of safety signs is the most effective and economical solution available on the market.

Safety projections are much superior to traditional signaling systems, as they perform well in conditions of poor visibility. Their flexibility and environmental friendliness have led to their rapid adoption worldwide.


How it works?

The projector is mounted on the ceiling or wall, and the sign is projected onto the surface, making it clearly visible even in low light conditions. The choice of projector depends on the height, light conditions where the sign is projected, and the size of the sign the customer wants. The innovative projector is fully adapted to the industrial environment. It is made of lightweight aluminum, waterproof with IP65 protection, and equipped with a passive heat dissipation system that prevents dust from entering the device.

In addition to the standard range of signs and logos, we also offer customized signs, images, and logos tailored to the customer’s specifications. Additional features, such as motion sensors, enable fully automated activation of projectors and, consequently, the projection of signs. Optional remote control via phone with software is available. Wireless (Wi-Fi) activation of the motion sensor is also possible if the sensor is within the internal Wi-Fi network or cloud. The system supports both DALI and DMX protocols.

In addition to projectors, at Propea, we offer the creation of complete systems for projection, including sensors and controllers.

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